STEM Learning with NODMA

Elevate the science and art of STEM education by using this all-in-one learning solution.  We provide you teaching resources and the simple tools you desire, so you can focus on teaching and learning, and not technology.

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How NODMA Works


Create and bring all your
digital assets together

  • Create a learning experience easy-to-use for students in
    the  form of a ‘book’

  • But it’s not merely an eBook,
    it can be much more - Storylines, Adventures, Explorations


Create classes (imported from Google or create new ones)

  • Distribute your Writer creations to students - with ease

  • Collect data on student engagement, receive student submissions and provide feedback

  • All organized for you - no more misplaced files or reports


Where you and your students
use your ‘books’

  • With your digital assets
    integrated seamlessly,
    learning is all in one place

  • Live video conference WITHIN Reader


Save time with pre-crafted Science interactive digital learning resources.

Access hundreds of high quality learning units and pre-crafted lessons.  Based on the 5E Instructional Model. Endorsed by leading expert in STEM education, Dr. Rodger Bybee. Flexible, scalable and can be mapped to any curriculum!

Have Students Show Their Learning in Different Ways

Embedding a quiz is easy, but you can also embed a task for students to showcase their understanding of STEM. Have them send you a photo or video within their ‘book’ and you can provide them feedback directly in their activity.  Everything is organized seamlessly to keep learning as the priority.

Live Video Conferencing included

Conduct your lessons live using Whiteboard, Quizzes, Interactive Learning Objects, and Games! No meeting ID required - Students join securely within your classroom by the click of a button.

Share the Load -
Don’t do this alone!

With NODMA you can now expand your professional learning community to the world. You can now invite your colleagues to divide and conquer because within NODMA you can share your creation with other teachers. Instead of doing it on your own, you can get your colleagues to help you.