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A Learning environment for NODMA Ecosystem

We constantly look for innovative ways to teach, increase learner engagement, and boost learning effectiveness. We offer training and support for like-minded educators like yourself.


Writer allows you to produce your own e-learning content in the form of friendly books and integrated with interactive and multimedia widgets, quizzes, and other common learning tools

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In just a few clicks, you can share your book with other instructors or tap into a shared resource library and modify it to assign to your students. 


NODMA also provides options for the Instructors to manually score/grade open-ended submissions by the instructors such as photos, images or videos.


There are also many ways for you to evaluate and keep record of the progress and performance of each student. 


The data can also be exported to spreadsheet formats with sufficient details for you or the instructor to conduct deep analytical or detailed reporting. 


Allow learners to access and read content from anywhere. Take tests and view interactive, multimedia-rich content for a more engaging learning experience.

NODMA iOS and Android Mobile apps allows Instructor to engage a 2 way conversation on demand.

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