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​​In the age of virtual learning NODMA is a great way to keep your students ​​engaged. It's ​​easy to create books on content material using all the widgets and you can even be creative and include storylines. All the content is​​ in one place with the ability to include videos, interactive aspects, quizzes, and many other things. I also love that students can respond with their own recordings. It’s fabulous and everyone should check it out.

Christine Steigleman

Newport News, VA

These resources are stellar, and awesome for distance learning. Interactive, engaging, with a variety of ways to deliver the information to students. If your students have access to technology, this is the way you want to go!

Joy Cheskes


To fellow Science educators, I cannot recommend these e-books highly enough for your grade 5-9 students. We use them for our grade 8s and they absolutely love them as a tool to complement their classroom lessons.

Tracy Kirsten

South Africa

With NODMA, I can easily integrate content in various formats, and design learning experiences that boost student engagement and monitor their learning.

Liz Crispino.png
Liz Crispino

New Jersey, USA

Kim Silvrants-p-500.png

NODMA gives me the freedom to create interactive reading passages my students can really enjoy and learn from.

Kim Silvrants


I enjoy creating my own digital ebooks with NODMA writer as it offers a variety of widgets and interesting interactive elements. It has a user-friendly interface and it also allows any smart devices, laptop and computers to access these sharable contents (ebooks) everywhere. This is especially useful for some students who may not have computers or laptops at home but can still have access to these contents via their smartphones.


Celina Soh


The NODMA ecosystem gives teachers
the opportunity to showcase our creativity and other qualities such as our professional knowledge, instructional planning, and instructional delivery skills.


Junalyn Corminal


You say "easy to use", that is spot-on! Can't say that enough.

Allan Zadorsky


NODMA is the perfect tool for educators. It gives us the ability to easily create interactive eBooks that allow for differentiation, versatility, and accessibility all from the structure of one platform. I love the features available to quickly add text, images, audio, video, interactive content, quizzes, and more. This system allows me to take my digital content to the next level.

Christine Steigleman

Newport News, VA

Amdon is a responsive and responsible solution partner. On numerous projects, they have been able to find solutions to our elearning needs.

Furthermore even after the project is delivered, they have gone the extra mile to support us beyond the scope of the project.

Henry Toi


Based on the current situation, online teaching is the name of the game for us teachers. The NODMA Ecosystem is a great resource in this new normal as it can help science educators teach students in a very interactive way. I highly recommend it!


Benjamin F. Mijares III


Initially I was attracted by the professionalism of the team. I subsequently stayed with Amdon for other projects because they provide good solutions and deliver results. Their support service is also very good.

Ann Yip


April Ann.jpg

The NODMA Ecosystem helps us prepare for the upcoming school year with high quality STEM learning materials. I would love to recommend this to my colleagues!

April Ann Salutan


A responsible and dedicated team of professionals who have knowledge and expertise in their fields. Would recommend to anyone who requires IT development.

Daniel Phang


Jethro testimony.jpeg

Science can be a challenging subject to teach with distance learning. Fortunately, NODMA Interactive eBook made everything easy to teach difficult science concepts! Definitely, a must-have for every science educator!

Jethro A. Odoy Tacunan


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