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Tracy Kirsten

Grade 8 Physical Science Educator,
South Africa

NODMA is an all-in-one package which engages and stimulates the senses in an exciting way that is appropriate for this generation – a brilliant multimedia digital resource that motivates and empowers students to take control of their learning. NODMA eBooks are the perfect lab partner for virtual experiential learning!

Genel Yutuc

Grade 8 Science Educator,
Science High school

Thanks to NODMA, the E-learning app with easy accessibility for all learners. I like all of the features, especially its interactivity, dynamic quality, its accessibility from home or anywhere else on any type of device. It is fun and easy to create interactive lessons in this e-learning application.

Benjamin F. Mijares III

Junior High School Science Educator,
Lord's Angels Montessori School, Inc.

With the current situation, online teaching is the name of the game for us teachers. The NODMA Ecosystem is a great resource in this new normal as it can help us teach in a very interactive way. I highly recommend it!

Junalyn Y. Corminal

Grade 6 Science Educator,
Dominican School Manila

What I like most about the NODMA Ecosystem is the interactive learning objects that we can use in almost all of the topics in science from grade school to high school. I highly recommend it for Science educators!

Liz Crispino

Walter C. Black Elementary

With NODMA, I can easily integrate content in various formats, and design learning experiences that boost student engagement and monitor their learning.

Mylene Tabinas

Science Educator,

NODMA’s virtual classroom helps us provide a convenient, secure environment for online learning . Its video conferencing feature can be used in our synchronous sessions. The book activity is great because I can check where my students are with the ebook, and can easily catch up with those who are lagging behind. This personalised ebook brings much similarities to the physical books, but it’s interactive!

Marvin Ramos Santos

Grade 11 Science Educator, 
Baliwag Maritime Academy

What I like most about NODMA is Writer, where you can create a lesson for your students according to your desired design and theme. Above all it is very user friendly, you will not go astray even if you are new in that platform.

April Ann R. Salutan

Grade 7 Science Educator,

The NODMA Ecosystem helps us prepare for the upcoming school year with high quality STEM learning materials in our lesson plans. I would love to recommend this to my colleagues!

Jethro A. Odoy Tacunan

Tacunan National High School

Sincere thank you for sharing this platform. This will really help me and my colleagues brave the new normal education. Definitely, a must-have for every science educator!

Christine Steigleman

Elementary School Reading Specialist,
Newport News

NODMA is a great way to keep your students engaged with easy to create books on content material using all the widgets. All the content is in one place and students can respond with their own recordings.

Mary Janet B. Blanca

Grade 4 Science Educator,
Public School, Philippines

NODMA provides all the necessary components and custom tools to create interactive and dynamic activities in the lesson that will surely create an enjoyable and fun learning classroom. Because its resources are friendly and easy to use, educators like me can create learning materials in a short period of time without hassles in meeting other work deadlines.

Joshua Mae Fernandez

Science Educator,

I have grown to love NODMA and the community! NODMA's friendly interface and interactive resources has allowed me to efficiently create my own eBook with no restraints. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Celina Soh

Science Educator,

NODMA Writer provides
pre-made books
that are created by educators that I can use for my own lessons. I can edit these books to suit my students’ learning needs which saves me a lot of time from creating from scratch. I had a great experience with the NODMA community, thank you!

Kim Silvrants

Consentino Middle School

NODMA gives me the freedom to create interactive reading passages my students can really enjoy and learn from.

Pamela Gullotti Diez

Digital Literacy Coach,
Franklin County Schools

NODMA gives us the ability to easily create interactive eBooks that allow for differentiation, versatility, and accessibility all from the structure of one platform. I love the features available as it allows me to take my digital content to the next level.

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